WRS's adoption area covers the light gray portion in the map above.

WRS's adoption area covers the light gray portion in the map above.

WRS serves Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana

Thinking about adopting a Weim?
Want to know if you have what it takes?

Here is a great article for potential adoptive families to read to determine if they are ready to take the plunge and adopt a Weimaraner. Weims are loving, wonderful pets, but they are not a great match for everyone. Click Here to see if you are up for the challenge of being a new Weim owner!!

Our primary goal is to match the personality of the dog with the personality of the adoptive family, resulting in a permanent and loving home for the dog.  Our rescues are NOT adopted on a first come, first serve basis.  On average, it takes 3 -4 weeks to complete the application process, but it may take longer to find the right fit for your family.  We take great measures to pair the right Weim with your family and lifestyle; we feel the right Weimaraner is worth waiting for! 

OUr weims and adoption fees

Each dog offered for adoption has been spayed or neutered, is current on all shots, has been heartworm tested and is on heartworm preventative. These fees help cover the cost of veterinary care and other related expenses. WRS will make recommendations of dogs who match the applicant's lifestyle, home environment, activity level, etc. We will not place a particular dog in a home if we feel it is not a suitable fit.

  • Adult dogs - $300

  • Puppies <6 months - $375 + $100 refundable spay/neuter deposit

  • Senior dogs (age 9+) - $225

minimum adoption criteria

Weimaraner Rescue of the South is a strong advocate of responsible pet ownership, which includes and is not limited to:

  1. Consistent history of preventative care, including monthly heartworm prevention and annual wellness exams, vaccinations, heartworm tests.

  2. All current pets are spayed or neutered.

  3. WRS does not place dogs into homes without a structurally fenced yard. We do not consider "invisible fences" to be a suitable substitution.

Any person/persons applying to adopt who does not meet the responsible pet ownership requirements set forth by Weimaraner Rescue of the South will have their application denied.

out of area adoptions

On very rare occasions, WRS will consider out of area applicants if they also meet the following ADDITIONAL criteria:

  1. Breed ownership experience.

  2. Excellent vet reference, including proof of consistent heartworm preventative purchases.

  3. Have a structurally fenced yard. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

  4. WRS is able to conduct a home visit. If we cannot locate a suitable individual to conduct a home visit, we cannot proceed with the application process.

  5. All approved out of area applicants must be willing to travel to where our rescues are located. We do not ship or transport our dogs. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We encourage everyone to contact their local Weimaraner rescue organization first as they will be much better equipped to assist in the search for a Weimaraner. Please click HERE to see a listing of Weim rescue groups throughout the country.


Interested in adopting one of OUR wonderful dogs?
Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Fill out and submit the online application (link to application found at the bottom of this page).

  2. The adoption coordinator in your area will contact you within a few days of receipt of your application.

  3. After reviewing the application and checking references, the rescue adoption coordinator will contact you and schedule a telephone interview with a volunteer.

  4. A home visit will be scheduled to ensure that you can provide a safe, loving home where the dog will be treated as a member of the family.

  5. The adoption committee will review all aspects of the adoption process and make their recommendation of Weims that best suits your lifestyle, home environment and family situation.

WRS feelS the right WEIM is worth waiting for!

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WRS takes great measures to pair the right Weim with your family and lifestyle hopefully guaranteeing a successful placement.  WRS feels the right Weimaraner is worth waiting for!

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WRS always needs good foster homes!  If you would be willing to foster a Weim until he/she goes to their forever home, please fill out the Foster Application.

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