There are many aspects to being a responsible dog owner and education is the key to being success on all fronts. Here are some of our favorite articles that address a dog's health, training, behaviors, and other important issues.

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bringing home a new dog

An animal behaviorist's firsthand account of introducing a new dog into her home. There is a lot of great information here, with a strong focus on humans remembering to focus on the dog's perspective as it transitions to its new home.

Part 1 -

Part 2  -

Part 3 -


bloat/gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV)

Weimaraners are at a higher risk of "bloating" than most other breeds. That is why weimaraner owners need to educate themselves on all aspects the condition - preventative measures, symptoms, and have an action plan in place if their weim does bloat.

Dogs at risk for Bloat/GDV -

Understanding Bloat/GDV and recognizing the signs -

What to do if your dog bloats -


canine training and behavior

Canine training methods have evolved tremendously and we now know that punitive, negative reinforcement training methods do much more harm to a dog than good. Force free, positive reinforcement training builds a much stronger, healthier relationship between dog and human.

Current scientific research on canine behaviors and body language -

How to choose a dog trainer or behaviorist -

Search for a Pet Professional Guild Member in your area -

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Dog parks: yes or no?

Weims are high energy, very active dogs who require a tremendous amount of physical exercise. With so many dog owners living in urban and suburban areas, more and more people are taking their dogs to dog parks for exercise and socialization. But, is that always a good idea for your dogs?

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too much exercise too soon?

Weims make wonderful exercise companions and can make great running buddies. However, their owners need to make sure that their weims are physically mature before embarking on intense exercise. Read more about your dog's physical development here  -